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      1. ส่งเงินบาทไทย m คา สิ โน

        NorthWay Cattle Co.

        Purebred Angus Genetics

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        About NorthWay Cattle

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        Welcome to Northway Cattle Co.

        We are situated in the beautiful Peace River Region of Alberta.
        We run approximately 1000 Cows that are required to calve June/July on grass in Sync with Nature. They graze all Summer, breed back in 45 Days in the Fall on lower quality grass and nurse their calf until it's weaned in March without being pampered.

        WHY BLACK ANGUS ??

        Our decision to become a Black Angus Purebred Seed stock provider derived from many factors.
        One of the many factors was that we had found the Black Angus cows in our commercial herds of various different breeds as our Most Profitable cows.

        characteristics, Calving ease and higher Performance in growth and maturity.

        Our Goal is to provide the commercial and purebred Cattlemen Genetics that were born unassisted on grass and raised in sync with Nature ( that’s where we believe Health & Longevity starts ). These cows and herd sires come from our cows with quality udder conformation, sound feet, correct skeletal structure, are phenotypically correct and have moderate milk. They must also have fleshing ability so they can breed back in 45 Days and raise calves that are born easy, with the ability to Exceed average Weaning and yearling Weights.

        Angus offers the best combination of growth and calving ease

        Angus, The Business Breed

        Businesses We Recommend

        Northern Portable Buildings - A building for every purpose

        ClearFab Manufacturing - Agricultural Steel Products serving Canada & the US

        An Advertised Canadian Business with:
        Artscript Canada Business Network